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IT Unit Staff 2Support Overview: The IT Unit provides support services for UVIS, network accounts, email accounts, network connections, desktop computing (hardware & software), teaching software and websites, CVM websites, databases, file storage, and numerous other IT related functions.

Please note that installation of new network ports and the activation/deactivation is handled by individual department fiscal managers.

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CVM IT Personnel

Caleb Dwiggins
Application Developer

Al Hahn
Professor Emeritus
Veterinary Informatics

Matthew Keeler
Support System Administrator
Director of CVM IT

Greg Kelly
Support System Administrator

Charles Leezy
User Support Analyst

Tim Nieuwenhuizen
Educational Technologist
Web Communications

Cynthia Richards
System Support Analyst

Tyler Roberts
System Support Analyst

Teresa Seidel
Support System Administrator (UVIS)

Chris Shaw
System Support Analyst (Help Desk)

David Willis
Supervisor, User Support Services

Stephanie Bossaller (Not Pictured)
Manager, Information Technology & ADA Coordinator
Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs