Mass Communications

Mailings to the Top Level CVM groups:

College-related messages to be sent to all members of the College (MU CVM All), all CVM students (MU CVM Students), all CVM faculty (MU CVM Faculty), all CVM staff (MU CVM Staff), all Residents/Interns (MU CVM Residents and Interns), or some combination of these “Top Level” groups should be sent to  Mailings must be related to legitimate College functions.  However, recognizing that there may be occasions when it is in the best interest of the college and its faculty, staff and students to employ the filter to share information not specific to college functions, exceptions may be made to this policy with prior permission of the dean or the dean’s designee. When you send to the CVM Mail Filter address you will receive an automatic response, so that you know that it has been received by the CVM Mail Filter for processing.  All messages are subject to review, approval and reformatting by the CVM IT Unit.  You may include attachments, if necessary, which will be included in the mailing.  Formatting should be minimal (bold, italic, underline). Please note that e-mail messages from non-University issued accounts are automatically deleted before reaching the CVM Mail Filter’s Inbox.
Messages that are clearly urgent (building outages, major cancellations, etc.) should be sent to and, whenever feasible, followed up by a phone call to 884-2020 to ensure the message is seen and processed as quickly as possible.
Mailings among non-Top Level CVM groups:
Mailings to groups smaller than the specified “Top Level” ones can be coordinated by appropriate personnel within the group.  Departments, business units, etc., are encouraged to develop policies and designate email coordinators as appropriate to their needs and operating cultures.  The IT Unit can arrange appropriate permissions to facilitate these needs.