Microsoft Teams Training

Teams Training 4/14/21 – Q&A

UPDATE:  You can now change a Team to/from Public/Private by going to the Team, “…”, Edit Team option, and change the Privacy.

Q: How would you delete a Team if you are the only person in the Team, but it says you do not have permission to delete?
A: If the owners of the Team have left the Team, please contact your local IT support, and give them the name of the Team to remove.  You can then simply hide the Team from your view.

Q: Does CVM IT have plans to pre-make any particular Teams?
A: No.  IT will not pre-make any particular Teams but would be happy to meet with your group to assist and assess the best structure for your Team.

Q: Is there a way to po out documents and go back to a chat?
A: You can pop out the chat window but would have to use open in the desktop app to pop out the document.

Q: Is there a way to get rid of your extra/old chats?
A: Within a chat thread you can delete your chat post.  Otherwise, you can hide a chat correspondence with an individual or a group.