Wireless Network

While at the University of Missouri you will have 4 Wireless options for all wireless enabled devices:

  1. TigerWiFi:  This is the Primary/Secure wireless connection at the University. TigerWiFi Guide
  2. StartHere-TigerWiFi: Used to configure TigerWiFi on Laptop devices.
  3. TigerWiFi-Guest: this is for visitors at the University of Missouri.  A WEP password will need to be entered by a College IT professional.  The password changes each semester.
  4. Eduroam: This is campus’ newest wireless option.  This is available  to users from other universities that are also members of Eduroam.  If you are traveling to another university that participates in Eduroam and you need a wireless connection, you can login with your University of Missouri ID (Pawprint) and password.

The following link will give you detailed instructions for Configuring Wireless Internet Access at MU: https://doit.missouri.edu/services/internet-network/wireless-internet/

If your device is not listed in the instructions, or if you experience difficulty getting connected to TigerWiFi on your device, please bring your device by the CVM-IT office and we will assist you.