Facility Security

Security Doors
For your safety, the safety of others, and the safety of animals, we have security doors throughout the CVM. At no time should any security door be propped open. Please make sure that people entering a security door with you (especially after hours) have proper identification.

If you encounter a secured entry that you believe has been broken or tampered with, please report it to the appropriate building coordinator listed below immediately (8:00-5:00, M-F).  For issues after hours, weekends or holidays, please contact the Campus Maintenance helpdesk at 882-8211.

Veterinary Medicine:

Rose Leykamp
LeykampR@missouri.edu 573-882-3055

Vicki Miller
MillerV@missouri.edu (573) 882-4477

Veterinary Science:

Karol Dinwiddie
DinwiddieK@missouri.edu 573-882-5907

VMDL: Michael Wimmenauer
WimmenauerM@missouri.edu (573) 884-6369

Clydesdale Hall:

Jason Brandow
BrandowJD@missouri.edu (573) 884-9178

Ron Haffey
HaffeyR@missouri.edu (573) 882-1994

Kim Morrison
morrisonkl@missouri.edu (573) 882-1540

Connaway Hall:

Jan  Nicholson
NicholsonJ@missouri.edu (573) 882-7347

Ellen  Abbott
abbotte@missouri.edu (573) 882-6550

MUPD: 573-882-7201