Network Storage

CVM Network Drives
The College provides networked storage space for applications and user, department, and section files.  Files on these “network drives” are protected by varying levels of security and accessible based on permissions applied to Active Directory accounts and groups.

The “P” drive: For network-hosted programs.

The “S” drive: Commonly referred to as the “Shared” drive.  This drive contains folders of shared common space for various groups and organizations, with access to these folders restricted to the members of the groups that have had the folders created for them. Files that need to be permanently stored on the network should be stored on this drive. Please contact the CVM-IT Help Desk if you need a folder setup for such storage or if you need access to one of these folders.

Each CVM student, faculty member and staff member has a User Drop Box located on the shared drive. These are under S:\User-Dropbox and formatted as LastnameFirstname. User Drop Boxes are accessible by anyone in the CVM. User Drop Boxes should not be used for permanent storage, rather they are used for sharing of files between members of the CVM community. Please be aware that everyone in the CVM (including students) can access any User Drop Box.

The “W” drive: Commonly referred to as your “Home Directory.” It is your personal network drive space.  This drive is for anything you want to save on the network, but with access of the files restricted to only yourself.  There is a shortcut to your User Drop Box located in this folder. File path to your W drive:  \\\HomeDir\LastnameFirstname