Remote Access

Off-Campus Access to CVM Resources
Many CVM systems are protected from general access by the MU campus and other firewalls.  To access these resources from off campus, you must use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client.

VPN Client Install Instructions


To install the Anyconnect VPN client go to and follow the instructions. When the install is complete, you will need to type in the drop down box when you run the Anyconnect VPN client for the first time.


Installing network shortcuts on Windows:

Unzip this file to the desktop of your Windows computer to create shortcuts to the CVM network folders. This is only suitable for a Windows computer.  The shortcuts will only work if you are on the campus network or are running VPN.

Installing network shortcuts on Macs:

In the Finder, choose Go -> Connect to Server.
Type the network address for the CVM shared folder. You’ll need to do each one as a separate process.

  • S: drive equivalent is smb://
  • W: drive equivalent is smb://

Login with “domain\pawprint” and password.  (For students, domain is tigers.  Faculty/Staff use umc-users.)

The network drive should appear on the desktop.  If the drive does not appear, in the Finder choose preferences.  Under the general tab place a check mark next to the connected servers.

Now that the network drive appears, you can make an alias of the drive by right clicking on the drive and selecting Make Alias.